Michael Jon Coleman

Photo Credit: Copyright -- Hank Morgan, T3 Technologies, Inc. 1281 Main Street, Stamford, CT 06092

I am a Senior Lecturer/researcher in the Program of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Vermont. My general area of interest is rigid body dynamics. More specifically, I have been most interested in vehicle, robotic, and animal locomotion. Most recently, I have been studying the dynamics and stability of human walking and brachiation (swinging from branch-to-branch) through the analysis of mechanical\mathematical models and the construction of physical models. I am also very interested in the mechanics of downhill and cross-country skiing, skating, and various wheeled vehicles. I have also become interested in designing and producing assistive technology for the blind; in particular, developing improved freehand, tactile, raised-line sketching technology.

I have taught courses in mechanics, engineering mathematics, and drawing for engineering design. Of particular interest to me are the roles that visualization, spatial capability, and drawing skills play in mathematics and science. I would like very much at some point to teach freehand drawing to engineers.

My outside interests have been bicycle and cross-country ski racing, competitive soccer, the fine arts, and piano.

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